ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. (RRCGN) is a non-profit association that promotes cultural and social diversity in arts and media, strengthening of diversity conscious youth work as well as promotion of international exchanges and international youth mobility.

RRCGN is the German partner in the international ROOTS & ROUTES network and a full member organisation in the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association.

RRCGN has been founded in December 2013. The associantion has organised festivals, international exchange projects and local workshops since. RRCGN has also sent participants to several international exchange projects, seminars and conferences.

RRCGN started with volunteer work; since spring 2015, RRCGN has two employees, Janna Hadler and Sascha Düx. RRCGN’s board consists of 5 of the 45 current members. Among the members are several that are involved in local, national and international youth and cultural work, event-management as well as anti-discrimination work.

RRCGN’s founding statutes (German only) (0.32 MB)